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All in all, for a language textbook meant for novice-level learners ("beginning Spanish"), it does not provide enough comprehension-based (input) activities, and it moves too quickly from one section to the next. The videos are also great for more accessibility. The author uses English to give instructions or to translate words that could be difficult to understand, but other than that all the readings and activities are in Spanish. I liked the presentation on commands less. The book is up to date and even includes some recent changes in terms of gender inclusiveness. A moving story of the compassion and strength needed to move past fear and distrust and begin to hope for a better future.”, By Talia Hibbert This is a recent and current text, which is generally somewhat of a rarity in open source collections as they generally contain older texts, especially in disciplines like foreign languages. The text contains no grammatical errors, but there is a repeated spelling error which is the word objectivos should be spelled objetivos without the "c". Online Records. Length: 6 hours 39 minutes, “An incredibly unique story, Luster inserts the reader into the head of the novel's protagonist, a young Black woman having an affair with an older white man in an open marriage. Covers standard grammar topics seen in other beginner textbooks. In that area it covers grammar points typical of a first year book. Tuberous sclerosis primarily affects the brain. The text is not culturally insensitive or offensive in any way. I really like that there are many activities where students can personalize their participation. I have not detected any errors. . It was a little bit difficult to have to scroll all the way to a specific page I was looking for but it was also ok as the book is free. Reviewed by Vivienne Larrea, Adjunct Professor, Raritan Valley Community College on 4/13/20, This text covers a variey of appropriate themes and topics: grammar, vocabulary, and culture. The narration by Lesley Manville is superb!”, By James Clear Length: 21 hours 1 minute, SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE directed by Denis Villeneuve, starring Timothée Chalamet, Josh Brolin, Jason Momoa, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Javier Bardem, Dave Bautista, Stellan Skarsgård, and Charlotte Rampling. However, I see that this would be something that I have to do manually, ahead of time, and especially once I am very acquainted with the pages on the textbook. It begins with basic notions such as expressing time or vocabulary of food, going through the conjugation of the present and past, and ends with some notions of the... Or is she? This book does a great job of engaging the topic of race, why racism persists and gives hope that things can change. It focused entirely on the issue of cost, rather than the issue of pedagogical quality of commercial textbooks. I really enjoyed going through the whole book "Libro Libre". Reviewed by Shonu Nangia, Professor of Foreign Languages, Louisiana State University of Alexandria on 5/1/20, This textbook is comprehensive in its treatment of the standard vocabulary and grammar as is expected from a high quality first year college textbook. Length: 4 hours 11 minutes, “I was blown away by this book. The necessary updates will be relatively easy and straightforward to implement, mainly if the emphasis of these updates can be put on the audio and video links on youtube. International phenomenon Angie Thomas revisits Garden Heights seventeen years before the events of The Hate U Give in this searing and poignant exploration of Black boyhood and manhood. The text is easy to navigate and accessible. It allows the online or offline use of downloaded in pdf form. Over 1 million copies sold!Tiny Changes, Remarkable ResultsNo matter your goals, Atomic Habits offers a proven framework for improving--every day. The Night Watchman is one of Edrich's best works and I highly recommend it!”, By Amor Towles Narrated by: Ariel Blake I detected one "leísmo" (when we use “le/les” as a direct object): Yo le saco a caminar [a mi perro], p. 195, and some typos. I would be inclined to talk about cognates on day one, and might wait a bit on introducing the present progressive but that is just me. It is unclear what each chapter is about. Eventually, he and his mother pledge to be “brand new” upon moving back into the city—she’ll stop drinking and Shuggie will be “normal.” But no matter how many football statistics he memorizes, Shuggie will never be like other boys, and his mother will never stop drinking. Length: 10 hours 12 minutes, “What do you get when you cross a disillusioned romance author with a Hemingway wannabe? Overall, the book moves from input to output far too quickly. Length: 17 hours 30 minutes, “Shuggie Bain is sad, but there’s so much more to it than that. The production was on point. In the first chapter of the index, for example, it reads... Each grammar module could be worked on independently of the broader chapter and vocabulary contexts if so desired. The book can be segmented into chapters without losing coherence. Lastly, it is unclear how the authors decided which grammar structures to include and why they chose to present them in the particular order in which they appear. (When I hadn't quite finished, I had to quickly pick more berries to carry me through to the end.) The blue links sometimes do not open the videos unless you disable pop ups. read more. I don't doubt that the authors dedicated a lot of time to create these materials. I had no trouble with this, and I'm not particularly good at computers. Reviewed by Nyssa Knarvik, Assistant Professor, Colorado State University on 12/24/19, This book covers most of the same topics that all beginning Spanish books cover. That is the central truth of the Earthseed movement, whose... Read more », By Alyssa Cole Narrated by: Nicky Diss, Sarah Feathers & Esther Wane In my opinion, the explanations of the grammar are clear and relevant. The terminology used is also consistent with the professional standards in the field. Reviewed by Julia de León, Visiting assistant professor, William & Mary on 12/19/19, This textbooks covers enough grammar and vocabulary to get you started. Libro Libre has audio and video features and has beautiful illustrations in all the chapters. The Glossary could be improved. The text is culturally sensitive as it features several issues that matter to students in the classroom. The story follows their descendants generation by generation. Length: 10 hours 58 minutes, “Galadriel Higgins has known the rules of the Scholamance were cruel, but if the deadly monsters don't get to Orion Lake first, then she will. I can't praise this book enough.”, By Laura Tremaine & Jenna Fischer Narrated by: Shaun Taylor-Corbett Then, there are no translations provided for the vocabulary and “otras expresiones” sections (and in most cases there are up to 3 pages of words to... Months later, I’m still thinking about this book and how beautiful it is; my words don’t even come close to doing it justice. One immediate example is the choice of each chapter-opening page, the "Lecturas culturales," which are contextually unrelated to any material presented in that chapter and serve no clear purpose of “orientation” to upcoming material, and employ a level of language that is incomprehensible (and likely frustrating) to the beginning student. An OER textbook has a great opportunity to become a better textbook because it can be more flexible in the way material can be improved, changed, added, removed, etc. The only kind of negative aspect is that to get to a chapter, the students will have to scroll down until they get to the chapter or the page that they need. The book is divided into chapters and the chapters in small sections and it is easy to read. page number for the list of vocabulary) and then on that end of chapter vocabulary list there should be another mention on which activity or activities these new words are mostly used. It is very good that authors tried, and successfully achieved, to include so much cultural material into one book: in my experience, students learn the language better when there is a lot of interesting cultural facts. I was able to open all the links to the audio and video that are part of the activities. Extremely well organized. As the neighborhood makes plans for the annual block party, Sydney ends up battling more than the microaggressions from her new white neighbors. Length: 8 hours 50 minutes, "A feel-good book guaranteed to lift your spirits. It includes current topics such as the inclusion of the third person pronoun elle to include transgender and non-binary pronouns. No grammar mistakes that could hinder students' learning. As I mentioned before I would include: I like the idea of setting goals at the beginning of each chapter. I really enjoyed going through the whole book "Libro Libre". Length: 8 hours 43 minutes, “In “The Silent Patient”, a masterfully maniacal mystery set in London, Alex Michaelides manages to manipulate the most sleuthful and it’s magnificent! The book is on PDF and students can both download it to a computer or open it on a browser. For example, in Chapter 3 (Activity 18) the past tense “el pretérito” is being used unnecessarily when the present tense has not been studied yet. Informative and able to cover some basic curiosity about the Spanish speaking world. read more. Most of the instructions are in English so students can understand them. Length: 10 hours, From the author of the New York Times bestseller So You Want to Talk About Race, a subversive history of white male American identity.What happens to a country that tells generation after generation of white men that they deserve power? I completed the review of the Libro Libre book and I really liked it. Since the book is not content or themed-based the only thing I can comment on is the grammar and vocabulary. Literary snobbery is (rightfully) called out, and the two begin to navigate a friendship outside of writing as they explore the other’s process. If there’s one thing seventeen-year-old Maverick Carter knows, it’s that a real man takes care of his family. 308 I wish it had hyperlinks to navigate the book more efficiently. Bennett doesn't offer pretty bows to tie up her narrative, but a realistic portrait of what we will sacrifice on behalf of our futures.”, By Kristin Hannah In spite of the hyper-connected culture we live in today, women still feel shamed for oversharing and being publicly vulnerable. I’d be hesitant to assign these as homework (asking the novice student to figure them out on their own) or use these in class (having to waste class time answering questions about “extra” unfamiliar structures and terminology); novice students have enough material to cover as it is, so I'd prefer to stay consistent and focused on what they've learned so far. Regarding bias, like every text, it carries some bias. Libro Libre is well organized. Length: 18 hours 54 minutes, “I am blown away, out of the water, and through the roof. As for the index or table of contents, it is a little confusing. Overall, the book moves from input to output far too quickly. This textbook is organized in a very classical way of teaching Spanish first year, and it is usually the way that I prefer it. Narrated by: Joniece Abbott-Pratt Standard metalanguage and terminology are used throughout to present language and grammar concepts. For instance, the vocabulary has to be learnt by memorizing a list of words at the end of each chapter. When introducing adjectives and nouns, the book defines Spanish as “highly gendered language”, in the sense that there are several endings of words associated with masculine or feminine. There are some constant aspects that I really liked. The only little problem with the cultural sections of the book is that, as a consequence of the unclear organization and lack of consistency of the book, ‘the short excerpts of “culture” at the beginning of each chapter contain too many unknown words for a beginner student, so it is a missing opportunity for learning culture. But for the other chapters, there is no detail telling what the cultural content is. I can’t wait for everyone to be as spellbound by this book as I am; it will stay with me forever.”, By Richard Osman Narrated by: Sean Pratt Length: 11 hours 12 minutes, “Perhaps I have a different perspective on this book because I have a younger brother who is a Black, 20-something man in sales, but this book presents an evocative, honest, complex portrait of being a BIPOC person in a white-dominant workplace (albeit one that is high-powered, sales-driven, and New York City-based). Covers standard grammar topics seen in other beginner textbooks. The topics are relatively logically, but, again, what I found to be lacking is the contextualization of topics. Then, there are no translations provided for the vocabulary and “otras expresiones” sections (and in most cases there are up to 3 pages of words to acquire). On the whole it appears to be expertly written. Libro Libre gives the students the opportunity to download the book and work on it. There are many great stories inside, but their charm & power, really, is all Glennon. Narrated by: Moira Quirk read more. I assume the expectation is that students... Length: 9 hours 53 minutes, “At its simplest, we could just say this is a story about the human condition. Simply do. Here's what tech leaders are saying. Ostracized and outcast, Circe—the goddess, the witch—exhibits unbelievable strength and passion in her many years, and Madeline Miller has molded her into the feminist icon of my dreams. 70 should be Día de la Independencia There is a balance of all the four skills, but instructors will find it easy to choose and emphasize activities and skills the as per their teaching style and learner needs. The reason why I rated it low in "relevance" is because the overall approach and the activities are very traditional, and in that respect, it is not "up-to-date" with what we know after over four decades of second language acquisition research. Narrated by: Jason Reynolds The themes of the text are well matched between vocabulary/content/grammar. 2. Reviewed by Alejandra Peary, Instructor of Spanish, Bridgewater State University on 6/18/20, I completed the review of the Libro Libre book and I really liked it. Also, every chapter provides a vocabulary section with translations of new Spanish words. Length: 4 hours 7 minutes, “I have absolutely loved everything Nnedi Okorafor has ever written, and this latest book from her is no exception! you into the subjunctive), followed by two open-ended subjunctive writing exercises that students would be unprepared for, followed by a more structured exercise with helpful sentence “lead-ins” (this exercise should have come first), followed by a new vocab list (scroll down 17 pages to find the English equivalences), followed by an exercise giving advice – which I thought might be an opportunity to revisit what they just learned about subjunctive, but instead they’re asked to use impersonal “Se debe…” (which they haven’t learned yet). No issues with this. Publishers are challenged at this as they depend on what their original authors want to do, and they are already happy with what they have since they are selling it anyway and making money without getting up. If you are a fan of fantasy you shouldn't let this one pass. Narrated by: Lindy West The activity directions are also consistently clear. It would be interesting to try teaching the imperfect past tense before the preterit past tense. The world’s best online logbook for scuba divers – web & mobile - dive computer upload – digital log validation - 200,000+ divers – 10,000+ dive centers, resorts and livebaoards – 14,000+ fish – FREE Narrated by: James Clear For the most part I found it engaging and easy to follow. It does not seem to overwhelm the reader with grammar but it shows enough material so that students can begin working together with the language. However, instructors would have to figure out for themselves how to assess student learning since publisher provided ancillaries like test banks or online quizzes are not there. Instructions are written in English, vocabulary words are either written in English and Spanish or accompanied by illustrations so that beginners can easily comprehend. It is also innovative in that it provides reflection pages at the end of every chapter where students can take stock of the skills they have acquired in the unit through a list of performance verbs / action words corresponding to Bloom’s Taxonomy. Also, the activities are only numbered thus I had to be very specific with the page number, chapter and activity so students wouldn't get confused and complete work from the wrong chapter. How glad I am that I faced my fear! --Wayne Dyer, autor de Verdadera magia Siguiendo la tradición de Carlos Castaneda, Ruiz destila la esencia de la sabiduría tolteca. and fears... Read more », By Sarah J. Maas I like the fact that the book includes cultural readings in each of its chapter. read more. Why read another? General content seemed mostly accurate, with a few scattered errors such as Actividad 12 (p.293), asking student to provide English translations of sentences already in English. The links to the audio and video clips are fine. For example, it shows a Documento National de Identidad, similar to the one in Spain. New vocabulary introductions also lack clarity: Chapter vocab is first introduced with no English equivalences, NO instructions, and limited pictures (e.g., p.311); assuming that students are supposed to write these equivalencies in themselves, they must scroll many pages down to find the end of the chapter (40 pages, in this case! At the beginning of each chapter in the book, there were sections that use goal setting and metacognition. I have observed that the authors have an important knowledge about the Hispanic world. Length: 18 hours 32 minutes, WINNER OF THE 2016 NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FOR NONFICTIONA NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER IN RACE AND CIVIL RIGHTSFINALIST FOR THE 2016 NATIONAL BOOK CRITICS CIRCLE AWARD FOR NONFICTIONTHE MOST AMBITIOUS BOOK OF 2016 —The Washington PostA BOSTON GLOBE BEST BOOK OF 2016A WASHINGTON POST NOTABLE BOOK OF 2016A CHICAGO REVIEW OF BOOKS BEST NONFICTION BOOK OF... Read more », By Alex Michaelides I always include more for students but it gives a good foundation. The women in this series are outspoken, passionate, and easy to root for. It flows well, it begins each chapter with a cultural reading followed by a vocabulary list, a Pre-chapter activity and a series of activities that reinforce learning skills. Length: 16 hours 55 minutes, “Riveting, powerful, compelling. The explanation on the use the “’x” and the “e” to reflect different gender identities is extremely useful as it acknowledges both the presence of non- binary and queer people in our classes and the challenges that non-binary Spanish speakers face, when trying to use gender neutral language. and always with a Spanish-English vocabulary table. until you can't.Half-hidden by forest and overshadowed by threatening peaks, Le Sommet has always been a sinister place. I believe that this long list is a consequence of each chapter introducing several grammatical points and vocabulary that are not necessarily connected. With historical as well as current case studies, this book makes you examine your prejudices and preconceived notions. Length: 9 hours 52 minutes, From Courtney Summers, the New York Times bestselling author of the 2019 Edgar Award Winner and breakout hit, Sadie, comes a sensational follow-up—another pulls-no-punches thriller about an aspiring young journalist determined to save her sister from a cult. The book is not only accurate, it's very effective. Length: 11 hours 58 minutes, REESE'S BOOK CLUB PICK“An eerie, atmospheric novel that had me completely on the edge of my seat.” —Reese WitherspoonYou won't want to leave. Sankofa knows. And that Twilight reference? When Linus is sent by Extremely Upper Management to investigate whether this orphanage should exist (especially under Arthur’s care), it sets off a chain of events in which fears are realized, dreams are manifested, voices are found, raised, and heard, and the definitions of love, family, and home become as inclusive as possible.”, By Ashley Audrain The vocabulary and content is supported by colorful illustrations, and with additional audio, and videos which are free resources available in the program. Objectivos, should be objetivos. When she meets the charming, rich, and recently widowed Eddie Rochester, who has his own dark secrets, they begin a whirlwind romance. The organization of each chapter is also unclear. Narrated by: Shayna Small In the same fashion, when introducing “questions words” (what, who, how), the vocabulary comes from different units and, in some cases, it was not introduced before. See “Interface” in this review for a comment on how I “struggled” in finding information within the textbook for “expressions with tener”.

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